Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well now, spring is finally here and I was feeling the HEAT!
I mean all that hair I grew over the winter, it was impossible to stay cool .... and that made me tired.
So Johnny and Barb brought me over to Aunt Nora's and Uncle Grant's farm for my annual shave....
Looking good:

After the haircut we went over to Mum & Dad's for dinner.
Here I am making sure that all the dishes get stacked in the dishwasher correctly:

I find having haircuts a wee bit stressfull, but thankfully all I need is a nap to re-charge:

Barb thinks I look soooooooo cute!
Now she calls me "Lambchop"
I have tgo admit, it does take the years off:

....and after allthese years, I still got it! I can still catch a frisbee with the best of them!!
I am turning 14 this June and I am beginning to lose some of my eyesight (and I have never had any hearing - so nothing to lose there!) ;-)

Yah, I got it!!!

Who wouldn't think that I am still a pup at heart??


...dare yah to take it away....

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