Sunday, April 15, 2007

Exploring Penticton:

....Well I've been hanging out at Mum & Dad's in Summerland long enough, it's about time someone took me out for a bike ride!
This is a good way to get this party started. Johnny and some local boys took me to a little known singletrack called Rock Oven. You can work out for yourself why it's best to ride this one early. Johnny says it's only 2000' vert., but you gotta pedal up and the descents are a bit burly for your average XC guy. About 3/4's steep and sandy doubletrack, the rest is wicked technical climbing. The descent is ...well, you can see for yourself.
The top looking north. Ole' Chuck D. Railer is lookin' stylin' in the Team Pepsi garb....and me!

..and west. Those snowy slopes over there are the ski area. Besides Chuck D., local shop proprietor Dirt dropout and random Frenchie Pancho Campagnolo were along for the ride and me!

They sure have funny names around here.

In between these puckering drop off sections are some rowdy rock filled steeps, and the occasional high speed zoomer section.

You don't stop for pics on those zoomer sections though, so you'll just have to check out some more epic vistas.

Heading down towards Skaha Lake.

Post card shot.

I sure am outta shape compared to the long term locals, but there's no lack of inspiration to get out there. I think I'm going to be OK up here. These guys are a lot of fun!

Pretty soon Johnny and Barb and I will be moving to my new house!

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