Sunday, January 14, 2007

Girl's Day!

Johnny went bike riding on the Sunshine Coast for the day, so Barb and I had the day to ourselves!
After lounging around in our PJ's in the morning, and then we went to the park to play with my basketball....

It was such a pretty, sunny day, Barb couldn't help herself and took lots of pictures of me!!!

Here I am chasing after my ball in the snow:

Two of my favorite things, snow and my ball!

While my attention was on my ball, Barb was able to get these.
I should have been a model......

C'mon already!!! Would you kick the &%$*# ball already?!

Oh pullleeeaaase!!! Will you just throw the ball??????

I am so tired now.
On our way back from the park, we visited our next door neighbor and then went home and had a snack. Now I am passed out on my down filled blanket having a nap!

Later, when Barb figures out how, I'll post a couple video clips of me chasing the ball today.

I'm out......

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