Wednesday, August 30, 2006

July - August 2006

Trip #1

In the first few pictures I am on tour with the Wade Simmons Freeride Experience Bike Trip.
After we stayed in Williams Lake, we drove to Kamloops. .....
Matt Hunter, a local from Kamloops, came over to Wade's Uncle's house for a beer with the gang. I am making sure that no one comes near his hurt leg:

Hangin' out with the gang, havin' a beer, just waiting for the shuttle truck to come back...

It was so hot after our ride today we had to stop at Bromley Rock outside Princeton; me & Barb:

Here I am keeping Nicole warm on the long drive back to North Vancouver near the end of the Wade Simmons Tour:

Trip #2

Ahhhhh, the start of yet another road trip! This time it's my friends from England, The Jedi Council.
I am keeping Paul warm on our late night drive to Penticton:

Just waiting for everyone to get ready...I am ready to rip it up!

Me and Pete at a rest stop:

Me & Craig:

This is Panama & me watching everyone sessioning:

Waiting for dinner in New Denver:

Just Chillin'

One of the Brits busted me waiting patiently for food....and they call it "begging"

Me & Tony at the 20' cliff diving spot at Bannock Bluffs in New Denver:

Hanging out on Joe's front lawn in Nelson waiting for the boys:

Being on the road is a tiring job! I'm exhausted...

Back at home in North Vancouver, over on Fromme Mtn.
I am waiting for everyone sessioning a stunt on Upper Oil Can:


Deborah said...

Aww! You're such a cutie! Makes me wish I had a dog along with my 2 funny cats.

Harley said...

I like chasing cats!