Thursday, March 23, 2006

March 2006

I'm a little bummed out today....
I was playing with my next door neighbor-dog, having some fun,
when we got a little carried away.

I got pinned in the corner of the fence and couldn't get away....
We finally got separated and eveyone was checked out. Everyone seemed to be OK - no one was hurt.
Then Barb got me home and put me in the bath to clean off all the dirt and poo on me.
I kept falling over, losing my balance in the tub and crying. This really worried Barb.
She carefully wrapped a towel around me and brought me out of the tub to get a better look at me.
She found too many holes in my body to count, and I was in a lot of pain. Usually I am pretty tough.
We went to the Vet Clininc up the street right away and also called Johnny.
I had to go in for surgery right away.
But I was able to come home that afternoon.
I was really drugged up on something probably equivalent to doggie-heroine...made me act pretty funny! Johnny & Barb couldn't help laughing at me, but they felt really sorry for me and I was pampered a lot!

Here I am with several stitches and a surgical drain tube in my neck:

Here's another angle. You can tell how high I am - my pupils are wide open!!!

And here are even more stitches and another drain tube:

I was back to "normal" in no time at all....

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